The  Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stands head and shoulders above all the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s rich array of presidential aspirants angling for the ticket of the APC.
Senator Muhammed Abba Aji has declared.

Abba Aji, a former Special Adviser on National Assembly Matters to two ex-presidents emphasized that contrary to views in some quarters, Osinbajo has a solid support base in the North, along with thriving circles of influential supporters across the South.
Speaking with newsmen in Abuja, Abba Aji who is one of the Arewa elders in the Progressive Consolidation Group (PCG), a pro-Osinbajo lobby group that has been active since mid-2021, also lauded the spontaneous nationwide celebrations that greeted Yemi Osinbajo’s declaration for the 2023 presidency.
According to him, “I have been in politics since the early 80s and I can tell you that the Nigerian electorate is now much wiser, much more discerning and sophisticated than what you had in the past; the spontaneous rallies are a show of strength, asserting the power of the real people and It is a strong pointer to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s very bright chances for ultimate electoral victory,”
Senator Abba Aji noted Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC National leader should feel vindicated that the good idea brought forward in the person of Osinbajo has continued to flourish.
“Asiwaju is a great leader of our party and his idea in bringing about an Osinbajo Vice Presidency has been vindicated; having performed creditably, impressing President Buhari and millions of Nigerians.
“As a leader, when you have brought a great idea, you should allow such to grow and Vice President Osinbajo’s declaration for the 2023 presidency is a reflection of very sound growth and the next step is for Osinbajo to assume the Presidency in 2023,” Abba Aji said.
Asserting that Osinbajo has really bright a chance of winning the coming presidential elections, Senator Abba Aji who stressed that the security situation in his home state of Borno has vastly improved under the Buhari administration further noted that Osinbajo greatly impressed Nigerians with his performances during the period when he acted as President.
“His (Osinbajo’s) chances are very bright in the view of most people that I have interacted with; he is better than anyone else but we are in a democracy and others also have a right to present themselves and increase the choices available to the electorate,” he asserted.

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