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The proscribed  Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has purportedly warned the Presidential candidate of the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP), Rabiu Kwankwaso to stop linking the organisation with the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

IPOB, in a statement issued by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, said Kwankwaso must not involve IPOB in what the proscribed organization described as the selection process they called election in Nigeria.

The organisation stated that Nigerian politicians generally and Kwankwaso, in particular, should desist from linking IPOB with Peter Obi, his political ambition and campaign.

“Peter Obi is not an IPOB member and never supported our agitation for freedom at any time because he pursues a totally different goal from that of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

We have no interest in the alleged Nigerian morally decadent and fantastically corrupt political system and landscape.

“If Kwankwaso is purportedly threatened by Labour party and Peter Obi’s teeming support by the creative and talented but downtrodden, neglected, deceived, deprived, killed (#Endsars) Nigerian youths from even the North which your generation do not have any good intentions for, then he should go forward and settle his differences and stop linking IPOB to their problem,” it said.

According to the proscribed  IPOB, the organisation is a disciplined movement and did not speak from both sides of the mouth, as its singular objective was to extricate Southeast people from the debilitating environment that prevented Biafrans from attaining their fullest potential as human beings, exit from the contraption called Nigeria and be able to determine their fate through putting to use their intrinsic endowments and ingenuity in an enabling environment in a free and Independent Biafran Nation.

“Peter Obi is not a member of IPOB and he is neither agitating nor in support of our Self Determination struggle. Why associate him with IPOB’s struggle for freedom. IPOB does not know who Peter Obi is going by our biodata bank.

“Our demand is our inalienable rights to self-determination and this we seek through a universally recognised and accepted political process called referendum as stipulated by the United Nations Charter,” it added.

The proscribed group warned every politician in Nigeria to desist from linking IPOB with their politics and selection process as “because we are not politicians and have no common interest. We are freedom fighters.”

Under the Nigerian law, the Indigenous People of Biafra is a proscribed organisation.

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