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Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said that his victory as the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2023 general election is victory for the party and vast majority of Nigerians suffering under the misrule of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking in Abuja, Atiku said, “This victory is a victory for all of us, for our party, and for the vast majority of Nigerians suffering un­der the misrule of the APC. It was a collective effort, and I’m very grateful for everybody’s contributions.”

Atiku further said he was “honoured and humbled to receive this certificate of return having emerged


The former vice president attributed his emergence to collective effort, thanked the Convention National Organising Committee led by the former President of the Senate, David Mark, for a rancour free and successful convention.


The former vice president also thanked the National Working Committee for how they have steered the affairs of the party.


He said: “I am particularly grateful that you kept your word and gave us contestants fair treatment, despite what might have been a difficult situation. Your integrity and even handedness must be com­mended.

“My chairman, my dear friends, while I’m excited and happy for this opportunity to bear our party’s flag again, let us all remember that what just happened is a contest within a family to decide how to put our best foot forward.


“The main contest is the one to win the presidency of our country for our party. It will require the entire PDP family and other supporters and sympathisers. We must pull every­one together. Nobody should be excluded, I beg of you.

“I have already visited some of those who contested against me, as a way to lead in that ef­fort to unify the party so that we can face our real opponents, defeat them in the elections and begin the process of rescuing and rebuilding this country from the colourless and dan­gerous APC misrule over the past seven years which is there for everyone to see.


“However, we should not take that or their defeat for granted. We must unite and work extremely hard for ev­ery single vote in this country. There is so much to do.”

Earlier in his remarks, PDP National Chairman, Iyorchia Ayu, pointed out that a united party will take over power from a colourless, clue­less APC government.

Ayu said that the presidential primary election where Atiku emergedas the winner was a victory for the party, as there was no victor and no vanquished.


He said: “Within the PDP family, we had a minor contest, a small contest within the fami­ly. There were no victors, there were no vanquished, and the party won. It is the party that won. Atiku Abubakar is not yet victorious. He has only been produced as our candidate, the candidate of the whole party.

“As we march forward, we need all of you because each one of you had a supporter and all of you plus all your support­ers, we want you all to fuse into one happy political family.


“It is this family that will face the battle ahead. We have only started a journey. We shall end this journey sometime next year. By the first of June next year, we should take over power from the colourless and clueless government that has destroyed this country.

“All of you are aware of what has happened to our country in the last seven years. I don’t need to repeat issues of insecurity, de­struction of the economy, total disunity of the country.

“We have never been as divided as we are today as a country. Families are divided, and communities are divided against each other. There is no trust among ourselves.”

Ayu assured that Atiku “will lead us to reunite the country. He will lead us to rebuild the economy. He will lead us to get rid of bandits and terrorists. He will re-enforce the armed forc­es. He will give us respect in the international community.”


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