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The Nigeria’s indigenous vehicle manufacturing company, Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing (IVM) has filed a lawsuit against the Imo State Government over its failure to pay or service a debt worth N2.5 billion.

The amount was for the purchase price of the various IVM Vehicles including their parts which IVM manufactured, sold and delivered to the State Government but its government had failed to pay same despite repeated demands and appeals.

“The lawsuit which  filed by Prof Joseph  Mbadugha, SAN, the counsel to Innoson Vehicles coming against repeated attempts made by the Chairman of Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, Innocent Chukwuma, to the Governor urging him to pay the company on the vehicles sold, and delivered to the State Government.

“For the avoidance of doubt, sometimes in April 2021, the Governor of Imo State,Hope Uzodinma invited the Chairman/CEO of Innoson Vehicles, Innocent Chukwuma to the Imo State Government House, Owerri where they discussed and agreed that Innoson Vehicles would sell and supply various specifications of its brand of Vehicles to the State Government which includes, inter alia;

70 units of Innoson 5 Seater double cabin pick-up (IVM Carrier) 4WD
10 units of Innoson 5- Seater double cabin military pick up (IVM G12)
10 units of Innoson 5 seater single cabin military pick-up (IVM G12)
100 units of a complete siren with public addressing system, revolving light, and street police light;
2 Units of IVM Ambulance Vehicles
20 Units of IVM G12 MS11
20 sets of B. Canopy

“The above vehicles which were valued at over N2.5 billion ($6.3M) were supplied in good faith to the Imo State Government based on an understanding with the Governor which arose after a special request that Innoson Vehicles grant the State the favor of paying for the vehicles after deliveries to them and which request was granted and honored.

“The special and privilege request granted to the Governor turned into a nightmare for Innoson Vehicles and Its Chairman after  Chukwuma had at various times through several visits, phone calls, messages, and submission of letters requesting payment appealed to the Governor and his conscience to make total payments or set up a payment plan that will offset the debt.

“The inability of the State Government to pay the aforesaid purchase price of the vehicles supplied has resulted in Innoson Vehicles having difficulties in fulfilling its loan repayment obligations to banks. These Banks granted their credit facilities at the rate of 10% interest and other fees therein. More so, it has led to the loss of profit arising therefrom and the accruing interest.

“It is also interesting to note that as of July 27th, 2022, the over N2.5 billion worth of vehicles supplied to Imo State Government in April 2021 which is valued at $6.3M is now worth $3.8M. Even if the money is paid today, the value of the money has depreciated by over 40 percent.

“It is therefore based on this premise that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Ltd has begun the process of recovering its debts against the Imo State Government by slamming a lawsuit of over N2.5 billion with an interest rate of 10% on the entirety of the sum claimed at the High Court of Anambra State, Nnewi Division.”

It is being alleged that the imo State Government is complaining about a breach of  an aspect of the agreement by the plaintiff.

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