Edo government warns teachers against exploiting parents, mark day

Edo government warns teachers against exploiting parents, mark day

BENINCITY – THE Edo state government yesterday cautioned principals and teachers of school against exploiting parents in the new reformed school systems in the state which has reintroduced school sports, inter house sports and other activities.

    She said “We have created Teachers Professional Development Day. It is a day in a term where the children don’t come to school but for teachers to take stock of their contributions to the education system and what they need to do more to improve the system.

   “We will continue to improve our infrastructural development in the State to ensure that our children get the best in the system. We will provide the infrastructure and also support maintenance systems. Excursion, and inter-house sports are mandatory for our students but we appeal to principals not to take advantage of these opportunities to exploit our parents as the government will not tolerate such an act and will resist it in totality.

She thanked the teachers for their great contributions. “The teaching profession contributes more to the development of the society than any other profession. Teachers have done so much for our students.


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