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Ahead of the next conference on Climate Change scheduled for Egypt, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is advocating climate justice for Africa, noting that a just transition would mean more energy and must include ending global energy poverty.

Vice President Osinbajo stated this at a virtual event on climate finance with the theme “Climate Finance and a Just, Equitable Energy Transition for Africa”, organized by The Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan organization that galvanizes leadership and engagements  to shape solutions to global challenges.

Osinbajo  who noted that Africa is already seeing the investment rules, limit the technology choices of African countries in ways that do not apply to wealthy nations, noted that “Climate justice must include far greater support for countries with the greatest needs and who contribute the least to global emissions.

The Vice President  said every nation must have enough energy to build resilient infrastructure, deliver essential public service as well as  providing  the cooling and air conditioning to withstand a warming planet.

On Nigeria, the Vice President asserted  that the country remains committed to the net zero emission by 2060 but would require the support and partnership of other stakeholders.

Another point raised at the meeting by the Vice President was the use of alternative technologies, stressing that every country must find its own path to a low carbon future.

The VP expressed optimism that Africa will get it right at COP27,pointing out  that Egypt will be a crucial moment for African leaders to explain their common position and for Western leaders to show they are hearing  and living up to their commitments and responsibilities.

The Climate Finance virtual event is one of the preludes to the COP27 event scheduled to hold in Egypt later in the year to further galvanize efforts towards a just transition.








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