The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Kukah, has alleged that  President Muhammadu Buhari has destroyed every aspect of life in Nigeria and allowed corruption to thrive and grow.

This allegation was contained in an Easter  homily by Bishop  Kukah in Sokoto on Sunday.

Bishop Kukah asserted that “With everything literally broken down, our country has become one big emergency national hospital with full occupancy”.

According to the religious leader “Our individual hearts are broken. Our family dreams are broken. Homes are broken. Churches, Mosques, infrastructure are broken. Our educational system is broken. Our children’s lives and future are broken. Our politics is broken. Our economy is broken. Our energy system is broken. Our security system is broken. Our roads and rails are broken. Only corruption is alive and well.”

Bishop Kukah is known for his courage in speaking truth to power. Last year’s Easter, April 3, 2021, he delivered a blistering condemnation of the current administration, saying the government had failed and turned the country into a massive killing field.

However,  this year’s message appears to be even stronger with the cleric saying, “Nigerians can no longer recognise their country which has been battered and buffeted by men and women from the dark womb of time. It is no longer necessary to ask how we got here. The real challenge is how to find the slippery rungs on the ladder of ascent so we can climb out. Yet, we ask, ascend to where?”

He continued, “One would be tempted to ask, what is there to say about our tragic situation today that has not been said? Who is there to speak that has not spoken? Like the friends of Job, we stare at an imponderable tragedy as the nation unravels from all sides.

The religious leader is of the opinion “The government has slid into hibernation mode. It is hard to know whether the problem is that those in power do not hear, see, feel, know, or just don’t care. Either way, from this crossroad, we must make a choice, to go forward, turn left or right or return home. None of these choices are easy, yet, guided by the light of the risen Christ, we can reclaim our country from its impending slide to anarchy.

“The greatest challenge now is how to begin a process of reconstructing our nation hoping that we can hang on and survive the 2023 elections. The real challenge before us now is to look beyond politics and face the challenge of forming character and faith in our country. Here, leaders of religion, Christianity and Islam, need to truthfully face the role of religion in the survival of our country. The Nigerian Constitution has very clearly delineated the fine boundaries between religion and politics. Yet many politicians continue to behave as if they are presiding over both the political and the spiritual realms in their states rather than governing in a Democracy.”

He called on all religious leaders in Nigeria to urgently come to the country’s rescue.

Bishop Kukah is of the view that “Religious leaders must face the reality that here in Nigeria and elsewhere around the world, millions of people are leaving Christianity and Islam,” Mr Kukah said. “While we are busy building walls of division with the blocks of prejudice, our members are becoming atheists but we prefer to pretend that we do not see this. We cannot pretend not to hear the footsteps of our faithful who are marching away into atheism and secularism. No threats can stop this, but dialogue can open our hearts.”

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